Thursday, December 23, 2010

The High Back, aka Burp Carry in a wrap

You're going to get sick of all this types of pictures!

The other day we tried this way to wrap a baby.
It is a high back carry, or burp position and let me tell you, it works fabulously.
Oz loves to be upright and on my shoulder and he'll sleep peacefully this way for hours. But my arms get tired.

I was watching a babywearing dvd from Wrapsody and decided to try this particular position.
Success on the first attempt!

I know, I look fab. Don't be jealous.
Oz peered over my shoulder for about 20 minutes making his happy baby noises and then he made the noises I'm starting to recognize as not so much hungry as desperate to suck on something so I gave him a binky and he passed out on my shoulder.
Then he did his ever so unsettling "lurch" so I had my hand ready for him.
This is another reason I like this carry. He can't lurch out of my arms.
I've never had a baby who could jerk right out of my arms or a carrier so easily. I have had to find new ways to wrap him in a carrier and to hold him because of it. Well, every kid is different.

Then just a few shots of Ozzy sleeping. I love wrapping him up and letting him snuggle and sleep. Makes me happy.

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