Monday, December 6, 2010

Homeschool update for November

In a nutshell:
Love it.

Now less of a nutshell and more talky talk:
This is such an enjoyable experience for me. I love the routine we've all settled into. We start school between 8 and 9 am. We have a set weekly routine of what classes we do when and Belle picks the order most of the time.
The boys listen in on a lot of our classes and it is fun to see what they pick up on.

Something interesting I've noticed is that the kids spend more time reading books together and doing art projects or science projects instead of fighting and begging to watch tv. Don't get me wrong, it is still occurring, but not as much.

I know Belle misses the social part of school still. She is such a social butterfly and she always has a lot of friends. But I don't miss some of the things she picked up from kids at school. I also don't miss the illnesses from school or the school district calling me a bazillion times before 7am for a snow day. And I love that we can go do things during the day without rushing back to get her from school or rushing after school or anything. So nice.

Here is a fun pic of the kids doing a science computer game together. It was fun watching them talk about the questions and answering them.
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  1. On the k12 online thing that you do, would it be possible to have a kid accelerate past their grade? I am trying to figure out what to do about Clark. He is at least one grade level ahead of his peers. I don't want him to skip a grade at school because he is very small. Have thought about homeschooling him because he's super easy to have around, unlike his sister, who agrees w/ me that it would not be a good thing for us to spend that much time together. There are a lot of online semi-homeschool options in CO.

  2. I love it that you are loving home schooling! What a blessing! Your kids look so sweet. I've heard such good things about Virtual Academy.

    And I also love it that you are blogging even though you are sleep-deprived. And I quote: "Don't get me wrong, but are still occuring, but not as much"

    Oh, you cute little mother of a newborn, you.

  3. Becca, you taunt me with your sleep filled nights and good grammar!

    Darien, you totally can accelerate. If Belle wanted to we could move as fast in each class as she wants and when she gets through say, math, she can move to the next grade of math mid-year. There are some time limitations on when you can do it, but it is fairly flexible. It can be all the classes and an entire grade move up or just a grade move up in one or two subjects.