Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kimber wearing... Kimber

I think I mentioned a few months back that my friend Kristi owns a fabulous baby carrier company called Wrapsody. I have always loved my Wrapsody carriers. My first true wrapping love was in the Aphrodite print (the burp carry I posted about is in the Aprodite print). Her designs totally go with me and I adore them.

Kristi stayed at our house during the babywearing conference this year when she was 36 weeks pregnant and it was so much fun.

This dear lady created another beautiful print for a wrap a few months ago and sweetly named it "Kimber" after me. I was so honored and totally humbled by it.

This week a package came in the mail for me.
This is what it was:

Yep. Kimber.
I was giddy!

So, today I took a shower, washed my hair and made myself look decent so I could wear this beautiful wrap.
Not the best shot but Belle took it and she was bouncing all over the place. Perhaps because Sam let them eat an entire giant box of Runt for breakfast.
But I could be wrong.

Ozzy settled right into it and was happy as can be.

My glasses had an annoying glare so here is one without them. Might be my new favorite pic of me and Ozzy.

I love this print. It is so very beautiful. The colors go with pretty much everything I own and are so very flattering. Kristi is too sweet of a person and I simply adore this wrap. You'll be seeing a lot of us in it! Thank you Kristi for being so kind to me. I don't deserve it, but I'm grateful for it. And Oz is too.


  1. Hells yeah you deserve it, woman! You and your family are fabulous. It's a shame there's a giant river, 2 mountain ranges, and so many miles between us!

    It was fantastic to have a place to camp my giant, lazy, crabby preggo self this summer!

    Love you guys!