Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Never Ending Poo Lawn Saga

Oh Poo Lawn. How I hate you.

Thought I'd give an update on Poo Lawn today since it looks like the whole thing will end up in court.

You all remember the many times we have dealt with our neighbors' waste on our lawn.

Here is what we understand the situation to be:

1. Our neighbors' clean out line (the place where backed up waste can go) is in the middle of our lawn, about 10 feet off their property.

2. As one of them once told us (when we found someone home who spoke english enough to talk to us), waste backs up into their sinks, their toilets and their bathtubs... even a drain in their garage on a regular basis. When it gets really bad they come out and snake out the clean out line on our property. Then they leave the waste there until I throw a fit and go stomping over to their house to tell them  to literally clean their crap (and foot and grease and diapers and wipes and who knows what else) off my grass.

3. They tend to snake out poo lawn at night. Late at night. I think this is so we won't see them do it. Sam works weird hours so, yep.

4. They make the women and children clean Poo Lawn. That just bothers me, particularly when the little ones are out there. Once I watched the little 4-ish year old girl in flip flops cleaning Poo Lawn and I nearly freaked.

5. While the city twiddled their thumbs for a year or so on this matter (I did call the city out at least 3 times over this and I sure hope they documented it but based on the employee who came out I am not holding my breath), they are now dealing with this. (I think it helped that I went stomping in at 100 years pregnant ready to lose my schmidt over yet another Poo Lawning.) It violates city ordinances and is also a misdemeanor. Our neighbors were served compliance orders and cited with the misdemeanor about a month ago and it looks like their going to just ignore it and go to court. Awesome.(On the upside, no one can say we get special treatment in this town because of Sambo's job. I think anyone else who had dealt with this crap--- literally--- for this long would have lost it. So, there you go, silver lining, we don't get treated any better than anyone else because of Sam's job. I think the foot dragging on the broken water line this past year would also be a great example of that too. Sam's job may actually be putting us at the back of the line with the city. Woot!)

6. I am so tired of Poo Lawn. So over the whole thing. I keep thinking one day I'll laugh at it, but I won't.

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