Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Osbourne at 4 weeks old

If you get sick of pictures of Oz I am way sorry.
But I think he is pretty cute plus I like to post for people who aren't close enough to see him all the time like us.

This is my favorite picture of him currently.
I am betting at this moment he is thinking, "THIS is my family. Crap. They're weird!"
We are little man. We are.

I also love this outfit. All of our kids have worn it, starting with Isabelle.
When I put it on him I remember every kid as a pudgy little baby wearing this outfit. Love it.

And this one is funny because he just looks so very concerned.

Overall Oz is doing great. He is still kind of yellow, but jaundice takes about 3 or so weeks to disappear totally in a formula fed baby and breastfed babies take longer than that. Plus the yellow stays in the face the longest so it will be another week or so I would bet.

He is getting really good at holding his head up. He likes to scan a room slowly and it is pretty funny.

He's starting to stay awake for an hour or so at a time and he has suddenly realized that not being held is lame (I knew he would reach that point and I should get a lot of cleaning done before that. The benefit of having done this a few times before.) so we are using a lot of baby carriers so we can continue to function semi-normally.

He smiles a bit but still not sure if it is smiling at something or just testing out muscles.

Oh and he is sleeping beautifully, still at about 3-4 hours at a stretch which is pretty much perfect for me right now.
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