Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our fish in time out

Remember the fish we got from some buddies who were moving cross country?
Then remember the fish we "won" at the Ucon Elementary Halloween Carnival?

They are weird fish.
A few have died (rip tiny and Nacho Libre).

But the survivors are very odd.

They spend hours a day like this:

The is the big ones and they are in the corner.

Here is a pic of all of them doing it. They just go to the corner and don't move for ages and ages. It is rather odd.
We've decided it is the fish in a "time out" because we have no clue what else they could be doing.

I think our fish are a little deranged.
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  1. LOL! I seriously laughed for awhile when I read this post!! Did I not tell you something was a-muck?? haha...yeah...still laughing.

  2. Strange! Maybe they really like the view out of that side.

    Love your new tie dye pic of the kiddos, by the way.