Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pajama Party with Mama and Ozzy!

I love evening time with this boy.
The other kids get settled (Sam does the lion's share of this whenever he can and I am really grateful for that) and Oz and I get our cozy furry jammies on and settle in for a little food for him and me (mmmmmm, Cheez-its) and some tv or a book for me. I'm currently enjoying "My Name is Earl" all over again on the Roku with our Hulu Plus.

**Quick side note here: The Roku is so awesome. We get Netflix and Hulu Plus and Amazon on Demand plus some other free stations and it runs us less than $20 a month total. Sometimes the Roku doesn't work, but we figured out that it is because we have Qwest internet and it has always been spotty internet for us. Don't get me started. Other than that issue that isn't the Roku's fault and will be remedied when I finally take the time to get a better internet service provider it is a wonderful thing for us. You should check it out, worth every penny and Thanks Becca for telling me about it!**

The last few days I've been reading books on my cell phone via the Kindle app that is free. Sam and I have been talking about getting a Kindle or a color Nook and I think we're leaning towards a Kindle right now just because we want it to be for reading and that is it. Though if we just got a smaller netbook that would probably be a better plan... we're torn. Either way, I love e-readers.

It is so nice to hang out with a newborn again at night. I really love how quiet our lives have become. Remind of this next time I decide I want to take on something stressful and/or time consuming.
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  1. Love my Kindle... I'll bring mine next visit so you can play, if you haven't made your decision already.