Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Towerland Christmas 2010

Another wonderful holiday in Towerland.

I love how quiet our holiday was. With the exception of Sam's work thing and our church's Christmas shindig we didn't do a blessed thing and I am so glad. I love all of you but boy do I get sick of going out. Maybe Sambo and I are showing how oooooold we are, but we'd rather just hang out with our family than go out with others. We just like them the best, sorry.

So, the Sunday before Christmas was our church Christmas program. Sam was asked to read the Christmas story from Luke and he did such a good job. Sam is really good at reading all fancy-like.

The primary kids sang and I asked the wonderful gal who subbed for me while I had a baby to lead them. Continuity is better for kids imo. They sounded fantastic.

Then the choir sang. As I was walking up to lead the choir the bishop announced that we would be singing 3 songs instead of 2. It was cool. After performing in Noteworthy for the church all those bazillion years ago I don't even blink when a musical number gets switched around. I just asked for anyone who had ever sung a note to come on up and sing with us... and people did come up! It was just dandy. Oz was in a wrap so he slept on me, I flapped my arm and the choir sounded great in spite of me.

It was a nice before Christmas program.

Then of course we had Xander's birthday. That was a lot of fun. He is still FOUR according to him, for the record.

Then we had Christmas Eve. Sam had the day off which rocked. We made Fried Chicken and Onion Straws via the Pioneer Woman. So. Good.

Kids went to bed and Belle helped us play Santa again.

The kids let us sleep until about 8:30am. Seriously, they are that cool of kids. Then we ate the yearly cinammon rolls my mom brings over for us. Then on to the gifts!

Here is Sam waiting for us.

We were tricky this year and didn't put the "big" present out, so when they came down Buddy was very concerned that Santa didn't come.
Belle played along, bless her and suddenly said, "wait! There is something in our stockings!"

And there it was. The holy grail of presents for our kids.
Video games.

It is no secret that I really loathe video games.
I don't see any real value to them, I think parents let kids play with them too much, too long and with waaaay too violent of games. I just don't like them at all.

But the kids have been asking for years. They wanted a DS, but those are not cheap.
These however, were.

I got them each a Leapfrog Didj. It is an educational learning system. The games aren't violent and in order to advance they have to solve math, spelling or reading problems. So while I still don't like them I am comforted in the fact that they are learning something.
Plus, these were normally $120 plus $30 for each game. I found deals that made 3 Didj and 12 games cost me $150 TOTAL. That is awesome people.
Plus, these things are like gold so far. We let the kids go nuts Christmas with them, but Sunday is a no video game day and then Monday they didn't do their chores so no video games and yesterday they did a bazillion chores in order to earn their games for 1 hour total. And I broke up the hour into increments. It was awesome. Today, guess who has made their beds and cleaned the playrooms without being told? Love it.
This is how Oz felt about Christmas.
So boring!

While the kids didn't appear to care, they did get other presents.
(Note to self: If you buy kids a video game you don't need to buy anything else.)

This was a fun gift. Belle has been asking for Zhu Zhu pets for over a year.
But these Furreal friends things were on a great sale so I bought them instead. She didn't notice the difference. Plus I got of the friends for the boys so they share the playset. It is great.

This was actually a birthday gift for Belle from her Grandma Tower.
It is a My Twinn doll. Belle got an outfit that matches it too. It is very darling.

More video games.

And more video games.
Sam got an informative book on how to survive a Gnome attack. He hates those things.
We also got him a Thundercats sweatshirt.
Thundercats, HOOOOOOOO!

These are for all 3 kids. We will have some fun school adventures with these.

We took some toys upstairs.
Like my pretty walls? I planned to take down the wallpaper in another year or so, but the kids started that project awhile back. Since this is the playroom and I plan to redo it someday and I've had a lot of other peoples' kids come over and damage the room I've just given up and now I let them pull wall paper off at will. Whatever.
Less work for me down the road.

Now Sam is playing the games. He said he learned a lot about fractions.

Playing with the Furreal pets.

Around this time my parents came by to see the loot. The kids were excited to see them, but still sucked into the video game haze. The meant they didn't realize until Monday that my parents got them a trampoline for Christmas. This is very exciting for them. I can't wait either, I love tramps. We'll just leave Sam a chair by the tramp so he can watch the rest of us have fun, hee hee.

This was my gift. Skechers Shape Ups. I love them and I got an amazing deal on them. Wooo!

My big gift to Sam.
He wants tools for his shop and I got a good deal on this.

There it is, our Christmas. It was wonderful. I stayed on budget and we got things we needed (and some things we wanted) and we were all together which was really the point.

Hope your holiday was great too!

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