Monday, December 6, 2010

Why I love cloth diapers on newborns

Nothing is cuter to me than a big ol' diaper in a little baby.

I couldn't resist putting a diaper on Ozzy the other day.

He's already sick of the paparazzi.
Love it.
Look at that diaper! I love it!
For those who are curious, It is a prefold diaper inside (like our grandmas used way back when) only no safety pins. The outside is a cover that goes over the prefold and keeps it in place and also keeps the wetness in. The specific brand is a Cotton Babies Flip diaper cover. They are awesome.

And no Oz did not get into a bottle of self tanner. He is jaundiced, just like all of our kids have been as newborns. It is clearing out, but in the meantime it looks like he just got back from the bahamas.

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