Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Xander is a big 3 year old! Happy birthday X!

I feel like such a crappy mom.
I was planning to do all of this yesterday on Xander's actual birthday. But I wanted to take time and really think about what I wrote. And then I fell asleep. Nice.

Since I can't turn back time, I'll just move forward and feel guilty.

Happy birthday yesterday (December 20th) to my X man!

Here are a few of my favorite pics of Xander this year:

 When X gave up his naptime he started just passing out in random places occasionally. I love it.
But also being a huge non-fan of the cold, I can't resist putting blankets on him.

 This is the year Buddy and Xander became best friends.
X is actually crying because the fireworks were frustrating him and Buddy was hugging him to make him feel better.
These boys are like this all the time. One gets mad/sad/scared and the other hugs and kisses him to make it all okay. I had hoped my boys would be pals and they are. I love it.

 Xander is always climing on top of me or on top of Sambo. I love it.
Plus, look at his white hair. I love that hair so much.
Plus, look at his arm. He has the whitest hair and yet  he can still tan better than me!

This boy has a death wish or something. He is always injuring himself. I used to want to wrap him in bubblewrap... now I just cross my fingers and pray his guardian angels have rollerblades on. (That's right Grandpa Janes... keep this great grandson in one piece for me please.)
He is a daredevil. Plus he has to keep up with his big sister and brother. This equals a lot of scars. I'm just stoked we haven't had any stitches or broken bones. Yet.

Xander has had a big year.
He developed a sassy attitude that is hilarious and infuriating at the same time.

He can wear the same size of clothes as his older brother.

He got his own bed... and makes his daddy spend half the night in it with him!

He became a big brother and it is a role he is relishing.

He figured out how to ride his tricycle.

He didn't start karate classes but he wishes he could.

He finally fell in love with nursery, just in time to be the youngest kid to be moving up to primary (yep, 5 out of 6 Towers will be in the primary next year, look out!).

He has started to use the bathroom on his own (but I DON'T do potty training so we'll see how long that takes).

He constantly wants his head shaved just like his daddy. Sadly he looks like Uncle Fester from "The Addams
Family" when I shave it entirely off so much to his displeasure I just cut it really really really short.

He can say is full name Alexander Michael Tower. He says, "Alec Micheal Tower" and it is so cute.

He is my Charlie Brown looking baby and I adore him.

To celebrate his birthday early he apparently ripped off his pants and diaper and tried to streak through nursery at church on Sunday. My pal Lynne was in the nursery and told me about it. Sigh. Just like his dad.

He is insisting he is FOUR, not three. So be ye warned, if you tell him he is three he will punch you down.

He had a wonderful birthday full of books from his Tower grandparents, Tinkertoys from us and a Transformer from Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve. I was actually looking for that Transformer a minute ago (trying to clean up around here) and I found it in bed with Xander. That boy.

Happy 3rd (FOURTH if you insist Xander) birthday to my Xanny. This house would not be as wonderful without you.

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