Thursday, March 31, 2011

There's a MOUSE in our HOUSE! (The saga unfolds)

It all started yesterday afternoon.

I was teaching piano to one of my darling students (have I mentioned how much I adore all of my piano and voice kids? They are the best.) and Buddy comes screaming into the living room.

This was odd because I had given him his Leapfrog video game thing and it is his Precious so I figured I wouldn't be hearing from him until tore it from his little paws.
Anyhow, he is screaming, "there's a RAT in the playroom! A RAT! I saw it!"
I look at my piano student.
She looks at me.
I run to to the playroom with Buddy and he points under the couch.

Now, I'm quite certain he is just messing with me, but I want to make sure so I move the couch, fully prepared to lecture him on interrupting piano lessons for another "give mommy a coronary" practice.
But... sure enough, a gross little mouse is sitting there plain as day, staring at me.
And then it runs back under the couch.

I happen to have laryngytis (and I can't spell) but I let out a shriek, let me tell you.
I quickly hustle all the kids out and into the living room and report to my very excited student that yes, there is a mouse in the playroom and I'll be right back.

I call Sam in for reinforcements as I deploy the first wave: June Cleaver the Cat.

I give June a quick pep talk about how she "kills" my hair ties all the time and it is time to prove herself as more than a chubby freeloader.
Then I toss her into the playroom and shut the door.
Then the kids, my piano student (yep, we were done with piano at that point) and I sit and wait.
I'm thinking, "come on kitty! Let out the stone cold killer inside of you!"

So Sam comes home and relieves June of her duty.
Though it appears she had seen the mouse and was interested.
But he had traps. He used some peanut butter and set them all over the room and again shut the door.
I finish piano lessons but I won't lie, I was not on top of my game. All I could think of was that horrific furry critter pooping all over my beautiful new carpet. Made me furious.

After a lot of promises that we would not let the mouse come upstairs and get the kids, they went to bed.

Around 11pm we decided to go with a sure way to make sure that mouse met his maker before sunrise: We moved the traps to closets and tiny corners where June couldn't hurt herself on them and we stuck June out in the open.
The mouse had moved to a closet so we set June's litterbox in the adjoining bathroom and left her to do some killin'.
Then we slept.

This morning I wake up to Sam smiling like the cat who caught the canary.
He'd gotten up before me and boy did he have a tale to tell.
Now, remember, this is Sam, the mighty hunter.
Remember the squirrel incident? If so, this won't surprise you at all.
He had gone down to that playroom bathroom to use his netti pot.
June was staring intently at the couch, so he was hopeful.
Just then the mouse trots on by our lazy, incompetent feline who apparently had signed some peace treaty during the night.
Stupid cat.
Well, the mouse sees Sambo and darts under one of his hats on the floor.
This is the moment Sam had been waiting for.
He takes a computer keyboard the kids had been playing with and he hits that hat over and over and over and over again until he is certain he has given that mouse a case of the DEADSIES.
Then he moves the hat and... he was victorious!
The mouse was super dead! Hooray!

We took some pictures of his trophy:
With his weapons (see the hat behind him) and his kill. It's a beaut.

After he fully examined it to make sure it wasn't a mama mouse with babies somewhere in this house.
HE wasn't a mama mouse.

(Oh and Sam put that thing on my kitchen counter. I almost burned down the kitchen but decided to just spray the crap outta it with Lysol instead.)

So, here is what we know.
  1. We will be checking the house for any weaknesses where a mouse could get in, though we think it slipped in when we were unloading stuff from Angelina the Minivan and left the door wide open. 
  2. June is a total failure as a cat.
  3. Sam is the bravest, strongest man in the whole world and I am remembering all over again why I married him. It is all very romantic.  
Yes, there was a mouse in our house. But he done gone to the great cheese factory in the sky. Peace out, mouse. Now to sterilize the playroom today. (Shudder)


  1. That is a funny story! I could see it perfectly in my mind and I so wish I had been there! Way to go Sambo!! ;)

  2. Your stories are always so hilarious! I love the cat/mouse peace treaty. RIP, little vermin!