Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 19

Another Saturday, another chance to be grateful for Bountiful Baskets.
This time I'm grateful for not just the wonderful food and the great people I volunteer with nearby, but the ladies who started it all!
I wish you could all meet Sally and Tanya.
They are ridiculously fun, smart and just really really REALLY good people.
Did you know they do this co-op every single week and don't get paid a penny for it?
Talk about generous people.
I have been lucky enough to have chances to hang with them and they are just such hilarious wonderful people. My kids adore them and Sam thinks they are just the best ever.
We are so lucky that they are a part of our lives because honestly they are some of the most giving ladies I know.
They take a lot of guff from people who gripe about Bountiful Baskets too and they rarely take it too personally. It frequently blows my mind how ungrateful people are for BB and how they complain about so many things when they are being given a gift by having this co-op in their area. There are times if I were Tanya or Sally I would just want to quit because of how rotten people act, but they keep going. What a lesson in serving others even when they complain and mistreat you!
I am grateful to know these two gals. They help to remember to give more without expectation of receiving and they also are good friends who have encouraged me to become a better person. I wish I could hang more with them (maybe one day I can talk Sam into moving to Arizona... don't think I haven't been trying!).

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