Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 22

Today I am thankful for my friend Darien.
Darien lives a few states away but she is someone I confide in.
We met a few years ago at the Babywearing Conference in Chicago.
I remember meeting here and doing the once over assessment thing girls do. I thought to myself, "dang, she is crazy pretty."
Then I saw someone go gush over her because they were in the same room as here.
You see, Darien is a bit of a babywearing rockstar.
I bet you didn't know we have total celebrities in our community.
We do.
And they are all pretty much amazing peeps.

Anyhow, so I saw that and I was a bit concerned that she and I may not get along as famously as I had hoped as she was a rock star and I was not so much one.
But then she started talking to me.
I immediately knew we were going to get along famously.

Yes, she was a rock star, but the classy nice kind, not the kind that would be all mean and nasty to people.
She loved orange like I do and she was a hoot to talk to. We taught a class together and instead of plowing over me like I was a little country mouse (which I am), she was totally cool and we split up the class and worked together. It was awesome.

Over the years we have emailed, facebooked, talked on the phone and even seen each other since Chicago when I hosted the Idaho conference. As we have become closer friends I've often wished we lived closer to each other because I totally see us as the type who would hang. (I actually have a half baked plot to scoop up the family next year when Sam has actual time off and the ability to travel away from the city without getting called back to work--- let me dare to dream--- and running away to her place for a week of shenanigans. Because you KNOW we would find some shenanigannery to commit.)

Darien does nice things for me too just because she can. Today she sent me a little care package for my birthday (and for Ozzy's) and her thoughtfulness reminded me how grateful I am for friends like her. Socks (for my tootsies), diapers (for Ozzy's hiney) and a pretty lip gloss. Because that woman is continually plotting to make me purty.

I plan to wear the lip gloss today. Because if I don't I can promise you Darien will pop out of my Thanksgiving turkey, hold me down and apply it right then and there. That is what friends do for each other after all.

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't thank Chicago and by extension all the ladies who organized that conference for doing so. Without Chicago we never would have met and become friends and that would have been lame.

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