Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8? 9?

Okay, I got my days jumbled. I'm lame that way. Whatever. I'll sort it out later.

Thankful for: A hubby who walks in the cold to the gas station just to get me hot cocoa because I like gas station cocoa and because I am cold. It means a lot when he does nice things for me while I lay in bed and eat bon bons. I shall keep him.
Sam is a pretty nice husband. I like him a lot you know. On this night I was cold as I have been constantly for weeks now, but I have been fighting a cold. So he was sweet enough to get me cocoa. It was great.
I have to say that Sam doesn't get a lot of credit from people he is surrounded by. I sit and watch while people take advantage of him, ask for favor after favor. I see people take him for granted, abuse his generosity and sometimes flat our mistreat him. I have seen how patient he is and long suffering in situations where I would probably kick people in the shins and tell them they have stupid hair. 
The fact of the matter is that Sam is a person who always helps others, especially when they don't deserve it. He is forgiving when most are not, he tries to see other peoples' perspectives and he treats people with respect when they deserve it the least yet need it the most. I have seen him treat coworkers better than they treat him, family members with consideration when they don't show him the same kindness and neighbors with understanding when they are busy trying to take advantage of him.
He is a pretty great guy and I wish people would show him more appreciation for what he does more often. Wow, this pot should quit calling the kettle black and work on that more too! 

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