Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A cover for My Precious

I have a Precious.
It is my Kindle Fire.
I got her for my birthday/Christmas/because I love me--- gift.

 As you can see, everyone else loves my kinds too.

She is wonderful and I love her.
I love her so much that I spent the last 2 days making her a special cover.
I made my own pattern and everything. (With that in mind if you think it is lame don't say so. Also, realize I haven't tweaked it much yet so it isn't perfect.)


My Precious in her bed.
This is actually the outside of the bed.
When I want to read but want to keep her more protected I put her on the outside. The top and bottom there are elastic and they hold her there so I can actually hold the case and she doesn't move. They are a bit too snug and it makes them all ruffly which I am not sure I like. Something I plan to tweak.
 This is that elastic part without the Precious in it.
 It is also a bag for the Precious. She goes inside and takes a little nap. there is a protective cushion on one side (some foam type stuff) so if I am stupid and I drop her she will be safe.

The other side of her little bed.

 Her peeking out to say hello.

That monstrosity on the right is the original Precious case.
I made it around midnight last night when I couldn't sleep. It is very ugly because my sewing machine is over course in my fortress of solitude and my fortress of solitude is in my bedroom and Osbourne sleeps in my bedroom and I couldn't turn on the lights or he would wake up so I measured and ironed and sewed with the light of my sewing machine and that makes for crap measurements.
But it still worked.
 Ugh, crooked elastic. Stupid darkness making it hard to sew things on straight.

Look, this one is trimmer yet still padded and the Precious goes inside also.

So there you have it. I spent the better part of the past 24 hours thinking up, sewing and taking pictures of a cover for the Kindle Fire.
I'm either awesome or really really lame. Could go either way.

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