Tuesday, December 6, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 29

Today I am grateful for online schooling.

The last few weeks have been less fun for our homeschool. Kids whining, me being yellier than I prefer... not fun.

I had a parent teacher conference with the teacher who oversees the kids. She is trained specifically for gifted and talented students and while that may seem silly to some (what? She knows how to tape glasses back together after dodgeball?), honestly, gifted kids are really different in certain ways and her expertise is very valuable to me.

She reminded me of something really important that I had been forgetting lately.
My kids... are just kids.

Sometimes I put too grand of expectations on them and then when they don't live up to them I just take it to heart.
I forget that they need breaks during the school day (just like I do).
I forget to they need chances to just be silly and I forget that we are schooling at home for many reasons, but one important reason is so we can have more flexibility with our time.

I am so grateful of her gentle reminders. She was kind enough to praise the kids' progress and was encouraging. Then she reminded me to chill a little and let the kids do their thing.

I have been the last few days and what do you know, the whining and yelling is gone.

I am grateful for our schooling method for many reasons. Lately I am grateful because while the kids are learing to read and all that smarty pants stuff I am learning to be a better person, a more patient parent and a more understanding teacher.
Here's hoping I will have more patience with myself while I learn all of that.

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