Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning!

So, Sam worked the night shift on Christmas Eve so after the herd was sleeping I called him and the officers and deputies on duty to come over and eat a roast dinner I made for them. It was nice having them over. I love feeding my police family.

Anyhow, I finally went to bed after attempting to help Santa get his presents situated. I was a crappy helper so I gave up and went to bed.

We woke up around 7am and it was time to get ready for church. I decided to let Sam sleep while we did the church thing before we opened any presents. I had warned the kids that this would mostly likely be what we did on Christmas and bless their hearts they only complained a little.

So we got to church. I was leading the kids while they sang and I was singing a solo. My beloved pianist was out of town until late Saturday so we didn't run over the song until right before church. That was okay because I am still fighting with my vocal chords (I'm thinking TaVaci may have hashed my voice a bit, time to refresh myself on proper technique!) so I didn't want to break my voice.
Then we had the harrowing one hour of church where I did all I could to keep the herd quiet.
I had a lot of help from my friends. Marie kept Ozzy while I led the kids and while I sang, a dear lady named Kathy (who also teaches Xander at church) was kind enough to hog tie Xander while I led the music (sigh, 4 is killing me) and the Marie and my friend Becky both kept track of the kids while I sang plus Becky saw the moment when my kids were just DONE with church and she handed them books to keep them mellow for the last 5 minutes.
I can't believe we survived it. My kids normally do okay at church but Christmas Day without daddy and with me going up and down in the seat... it was just too much. I get it.
I sure am grateful for friends who are willing to help me. I am so lucky to go to church with people who are this great to me and to the herd.

My grandma (Janes) Heidt and grandpa Jack came to our church and would you believe I didn't even know they were there until church was going? Sheesh.
It was so nice of them to come and then they came by our house for a little bit to visit. We were waiting on Sam to wake up anyhow so they kids were anxious but knew they had to wait for their dad to wake up.

Finally, he did.
We trundled on down the stairs.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I never put up the tree. I was expecting to do Christmas with the tree like this:

The tree in the box.
Below are boxes of ornaments we didn't get out and presents just piled up.

Of course my friends were all horrified that I would even consider such a holiday faux pas and one of them (thank you Sara!) even brought me a little tree so we would have something to use!

See the cute little tree? Awe!

At the last minute Sam decided he would just have to override my laziness and around 2 or 3 am (that is my guess, I was dozing) he put up the tree. Poor guy.

Anyhow, we went downstairs and the kids found their Santa gifts:
Left to right: Xander got a piano with a mic, Buddy got an electronic drum set and Belle got a guitar.

The kids freaked. They spend a lot of time pretending they are in a band and making up songs and about a year ago we decided we should capitalize on this and let them form a little Partridge Family band. I watched for sales all year and one by one I collected there goodies.

Sam had to test out Belle's guitar while Ozzy listened.
Oh yes, Ozzy. Santa didn't forget him. Santa is just looking for more cowbell. (Hee hee)

Buddy has been so happy with his drums.

Xander was showing off his sweet piano and singing moves.

Of course there were more presents. The boys got legos and Buddy even got a remote control car he had wanted.
Ozzy got a glow worm and blocks.
Isabelle got a tiny netbook (if you were one of the victims of this morning's email flood at 5am I apologize. She won't be sneaking the netbook into her room anymore for email rampages. Sigh.) and she got a watch.

Sam got shoes he wanted, a metal detector and a tea kettle.
I got boots. So many warm boots. And socks too.

It was wonderful.

Kids with toys.

We also got some fun wii games and we have been dancing together with the "Just Dance for Kids" game for the past two days. I plan to dance daily with the kids because I cannot get enough of "There's a Party in my Tummy". Oh and Sam played too and while he says it is lame I know he is a dirty liar because while he was playing with me he was smiling. Plus he won therefor I KNOW he loves it.
All in all it was another fun day in Towerland.
Now I have to take the tree down.
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