Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gingerbread houses and other assorted treats

The kids and I had a fun homeschool project the other day. was having a gingerbread contest and we thought it would be fun to enter it.
My mom had given us a kit so I chose the easy way and used that instead of attempting to bake it.
It really was a lot of fun and minimal swearing occurred.

Oooh. Aaaah.

Even Ozzy loved it.
Oh, his face. Yeah.
So we had a Christmas party at church and one of my adorable primary kids gave me a piece of chocolate because she knows I really really love candy. (Have I mentioned how wonderful the church I go to is? I love all those kids so much.)
Anyhow, I attached the candy to my baby carrier strap for a later consumption.
Ozzy found it.
This is what happened.
He tried to eat the wrapper too.
Good stuff.

Gingerbread house.
Made. Awesome.
Ready for a contest.

Then the kids got hungry.
Eh. We'll enter the contest next year.

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