Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have mercy, Xander is 4!

Sweet mother of all that is holy.

Once again Sam and I get to run the gauntlet that is the 4 year of one of our childrens' lives.
I know people gripe about the terrible twos, but they are pansies in my opinion.
Yes, two can be hair raising and I have often heard (and very much agree) that a three year old is a two year old who knows what they are doing.
If we follow this logic, then at least in Towerland a four year old is a NINJA in the art of Mommy and Daddy torture.

We have come through two kids who were four so far with only a few battle scars and I will tell you I am hoping Xander goes easier on us then his siblings did, but I somehow don't see that happening.

The eve of his birthday Xander just REFUSED to go to sleep and then when he finally did, he only slept a few hours before he was scaring the crap out of me at 4 am as he stood over me sleeping in my bed and raspily whisper-shouted, "mommy, it is morning for my birthday yet?"
After the pulse stopped racing I sent him back to bed with the threat of returning his present if he woke me up again but of course by then Ozzy was awake so I didn't get back to sleep until about 7am which is when the kids started piling into our room anyhow.
Yes, four. Welcome. Yawn.

Anyhow, he wanted his present immediately so we let him have it.

He has to open Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve's present since they brought it over the night before.

This is his "drop jaw" look. I find it hilarious.

He loves Spiderman and he got Spiderman stuff so he was a happy boy.

What I found particularly hilarious as that he opened his presents and immediately gave half of his presents to Buddy... apparently Buddy told him a few weeks ago that little brothers have to give their big brothers half of their birthday presents and Xander of course believed him. Sigh.
Ozzy was really interested in the presents and the three boys played together for most of the day. It was fun to watch them play together.

Well, here we go. Another 4 year old. I'm hoping we survive it and grateful for my silly clown Xander who may nearly kill me this year, but he will keep me laughing while he does it.
Happy birthday X man.
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