Thursday, December 15, 2011

My FIRST TaVaci program!

Oh my goodness.
I have learned a lot in the past week.
1. I am way too much of a perfectionist.
2. Kids who misbehave are hilarious/cute... unless they are your own.
3. Every kid should be in TaVaci.

I will admit that I didn't fully understand the TaVaci experience when I signed on to teach this past fall.
I knew it was quality and I knew it would be awesome for my kids.
But I didn't know how much kids would learn and how great it would be until I taught an entire semester and directed a performance.

Now I get it.
Seriously, enroll your kids in your local TaVaci.
If there isn't one in your area you need to talk to me about getting it in your area because it is THAT great for children.

Anyhow, so this past weekend was our performance.
Friday and Saturday we rehearsed.

The younger kids rehearsing while I direct and Sam wears Ozzy.
Here is a video of the rehearsal of one of their songs. It goes all "Blair Witch" bouncy so take a dramamine first.

We practiced tons, got the tech ready and then got ourselves ready.
Here are the kids in their costumes before the show with Angelina Jolie and minivan.
Once again all I got was crap pictures. Sigh. Oh well.

The performance itself went good. I'll be honest, it wasn't entirely what I wanted my first performance to be. However, I was flying into this situation blind and I understand now why my friends (who conned me into doing this, lol) kept telling me not to worry because you can't understand what you are doing until you have done it. It is true.

Overall it was great.
High/lowlight of the show:
Buddy decided he really wanted to talk into the microphone when he wasn't supposed to. So he did. I believe he said, "Rock!".
Fine, whatever.
Xander just had to be like his brother so he did the same thing.
Again, fine. They got their moment of mischief out of their systems.

But then, they each did it again.
This put me in a pickle.
I was torn between "the show must go on" and ignoring their insolence or  using my powers of Love and Logic and embarrassing my kids and potentially myself by laying down some consequences.

Then I saw some of my students start inching for the microphone too and I knew I had to make an example out of my boys.

The went for the microphone a third time.
I calmly (but swiftly) climbed up onto that stage and escorted two protesting boys OFF stage.
The end.

I figure half the parents were thinking about those bratty boys and the other half were feeling sorry for me. Besides, I'd rather mildly embarrass them now then have them do something really REALLY stupid like streak through Main Street Rigby in the middle of the day when they are teenagers (you know it could happen, they are Sam's boys after all).

So, that was that.

The show was over and all went pretty darn okay. We celebrated at our usual special location (of course I'm not telling you sillies, it is OUR special location). Then to bed we went.

Oh, wait. There was that last bit of parenting I had to do.
You see, I had made a deal with the boys some months ago. They pledged to behave in class and especially at the performance and I pledged in return to reward them with a trip to the store to get a lego set.

After the concert they were ready to get that set. They were chattering on about how cool it would be.
I was so sad.
With much sorrow I reminded them of their end of the bargain and how they had not fulfilled it, therefore nullifying my obligation to buy them Legos.
To say they were upset puts it mildly.

Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth about sums it up.
It was rough.
I felt bad and almost tempted to make them feel better with the Legos.

But I want kids who make good choices, not kids who stay silly things into microphones at inappropriate times.
We'll see how they choose to behave at the next show. Should be interesting.

Anyhow, all in all a good day. I am happy it is over and I am eager to apply what I learned to the next semester.

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