Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Osbourne is ONE year old! How did that happen?

How did this happen?
How did we go from this:

Hello feet!

To THIS MOMENT (click it to read it), to this:

Ozzy at 5 days old.
(He has no love for the paparazzi..)

The herd all together.

How did we get from that tiny little baby to this big giant boy?

Look at my turkey baby.

Today, on the 26th of November, I am extremely grateful for Osbourne.
Our little Ozzy is so important to our family. He is a funny, clever, stubborn, thoughtful, way too screechy baby and we adore him.

He has started doing the funniest things, like following his brothers around like a puppy and finding ways to be a part of their games. He climbs onto the couch and on top of tables. He eats everything. He throws his binky late at night when he wakes up and wants me to feed him ("find the binky" is not my favorite game to play in the dark however). He even took a step or two before his first birthday (and yes, I am counting it).
He is wonderful and we love him.

Happy birthday Ozzers.

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