Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our other children (I mean, our ereaders)

We've added to our family.
You've already met my Precious. She is wearing that pink outfit.
Well, Sam has a Precious too. His is named Smokey Floyd.

Sam kept "borrowing" my precious when I wanted to read my books and it drove me crazy. Plus I needed to get him a Congratulations/Consolation present for when he was trying for Sgt at work (I gave it to him before we found out he got Sgt so it was labeled Congratulations/Consolation then... I like to cover my bases).
This felt like a good reward or a nice distraction, depending on what Sam needed. (I am so glad it was a reward!)

I even got Smokey his own pretty black cover.

Of course, now the problem is that the kids all want one of their own. Good luck with that plan children.

I keep finding new uses for these things. They can organize us, play videos and music, surf the net, play games and of course all the books are awesome. Best gadget ever.
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