Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rigby Police Chief Larry Anderson Retirement

This past December Sam's boss retired.
This may not seem like that big of a deal, but it really was.
Chief Anderson had been chief for 36 years and a cop for 42. He is the longest running chief in Idaho and I think this side of the Mississippi!

He is also the person who hired Sam here in Rigby of course and Sam (and I) will always be grateful to him for the opportunity.

Carol (the awesome gal who keeps the pd running smoothly) organized a retirement party and program for the chief and it was really beautiful.
I didn't get a ton of pictures because I was busy trying to help out with programs and cookies and stuff like that.
But I did get a few shots:

(Who sees my handsome favorite guy? No, not you Caleb, sorry.)

Look at the crowd. It was awesome. There were so many people they had to get out more chairs and people still had to stand in the back.

It was truly what Chief Anderson deserved in a retirement party.

One of the gifts to the chief was this beautiful piece of art made by our friend Drew Harris. He is an outstanding artist (check out his website here) and we were all so impressed. See these pics?
This is Chief Anderson.
This is the artwork:
Amazing, right?
All of those badges are drawn.

Here is a news story about the Chief's retirement too. CLICK here.

Chief Anderson will always be a very important part of our lives and we are grateful we had to chance to know and him Sam had the opportunity to work for him. I hope he gets to go fishing a lot, take tons of vacations and do all sorts of fun things a cop can't do until he retires.  He deserves it.

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