Saturday, January 28, 2012

Three boys on a couch

Osbourne recently discovered the awesomeness that is Sesame Street.

(I won't lie, felt really really guilty that I was celebrating my baby being sucked into the idiot box at 1 year old... for a day. Then some friends told me to get over myself and find something real to feel bad about so I'm working on leaving box cutters around the house for him to pick up. That sounds more worthy of my mommy guilt.)

I got this picture of all three boys sitting together watching Elmo.

This picture is proof that they don't know how to sit correctly on a couch. As a mother, I have failed to teach them proper sitting methods. (Hey! I can feel guilty about that! Woo Hoo!)

Oh and yep, Buddy is SO EXCITED to be watching Sesame Street. Don't worry, he is just like his dad when it comes to facial expressions. There is a very good chance that is his happy face.
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  1. I have facial expression problems too. I'll be perfectly content, just sitting or walking and people will ask what's wrong. Cute picture!