Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is a shadow?

I wanted to jot down this experience tonight at dinner.

Buddy asked me what a shadow was. I was struggling to find the right words to describe it and as I was talking (and talking and talking), he interrupted me and said, "I think I know. A shadow is when you hold something, like your hand, in the light. Your hand blocks the sun or a light in your house and under your hand it makes a dark spot shaped like your hand."

I was impressed that he was able to articulate this and it is another reason I am enjoying teaching him at home. These kids ask questions and give answers that just fascinate me.

So I don't leave the other kids out, Belle has been really making improvements on her piano playing and she is advancing so quickly in school. I think she may just finish third grade before spring. Of course in Idaho it isn't spring until May, but still.

Xander has been doing really great with all his letters and numbers and occasionally I'll ask Buddy a question from his school class and Xander will shout out the answer before Buddy can. It is fun to hear.

Then we have Oz. He growls at everyone. Oh and he loves to walk and has found a few corners he likes to climb into and sit in all day long.

They are all great kids.

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