Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 fingers + 5 fingers + fivefingers... wait a minute, what?

I look excited, no?
Like I have something very exciting to share with you, yes?
Well, I do.

I got another pair of Vibram Fivefingers and I love them even more than I did before!

They aren't pink, but they are sky blue and that is my SECOND favorite color!
These are the KSO style and they are even comfier than my first pair. Plus, they were on sale!

I'm not the only happy person here...
Sam is dancing with joy in his new Vibram Sprints. Another great deal. They rock.

Of course, our kids were getting all offended that we wouldn't get them any Vibrams.
Then this happened:

Can you tell I found an outstanding  deal on these shoes!
The kids are in heaven!

Xander was the first to put them on perfectly and he actually has been wearing them to sleep.

Buddy says they make him jump higher and run faster. He has been good at putting them on too.

Belle had a hard time getting them on at first and that made her maaaaad. But then she took a break and tried again and now she loves them!

Ozzy is a bit offended that we don't have  a pair for him. One day, shortie.

In the meantime, we we are pretty happy with our Fivefingered feet!

I love these shoes! You need to try them too, they rock!

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  1. Looooove! I adore my KSOs. They're brown. I look like I have bear feet. :)