Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Braggy Braggy Braggety Briggety Braggy Brag

Sometimes I just have to be all puffy and proud and holler it from the rooftops.

This is an ideal post to completely ignore with that in mind.
I know I've done this before. Sorry.

However, if you aren't rolling your eyes yet and you really want to have that chance today or if you are just a sweet, benevolent soul who will humor a really excited mother, read on.

So, I got Isabelle's reading test scores back today.
IDVA does a January scantron test just to see where the kids are at. Buddy doesn't have to take it yet, just Belle.

Anyhow, I got the results.
At first they confused me so I had to email our teacher to make sure I was reading them correctly.

I was.

My little 9 year old, 3rd grade Isabelle is reading at an 8th grade level!

Woo hoo!

Remember, when we started IDVA in 2nd grade she was reading at a 3rd grade level.
Then at the end of 2nd grade she could read at about a 5th grade level.
Well, now she is at an 8th grade level and I am just stoked!

I know she would be doing fine in regular school but I love that we are tailoring her education to her strengths and working to always improve her weaknesses and she is just totally taking off! I love that my biggest problem is finding challenging enough books that are age appropriate for her! Wooooo!

So, there it is. I bragged. A lot. I had to do it. I have a smart kid.

Now, I don't want to leave the others out so:

Buddy is nearly done with all of Kindergarten. He is reading really good also and that boy rocks at math. He does addition and subraction in his head and it totally freaks me out. He'll be done with this grade in April. Actually both of them will. Belle and Buddy will both get their 1st and 4th grade school curriculum in May and we'll work on it on and off through the summer so we don't lose any ground. (Don't look at me like I'm a tyrant, they came up with this plan with me!)

Buddy is also trying really hard to talk me into letting him rewire the basement because he has made designs for a time portal. He feels good about his plan and has told me of several theories of energy (that he made up of course) that will allow this portal to work. I'm going to hold out on letting him burn down my house for now.

Xander is terrifyingly good at numbers, colors and words. I have been debating starting him in school a year early which is funny to me since I made such a stink about holding Buddy back a year before starting kindergarten (yeah, that was a total waste since he'll make up for that in another year and be right where he was supposed to be by then. Sigh.)

Ozzy has discovered the fine art of climbing onto a table and giving me a coronary. Yay. Oh and he chewed up a pen and got pen on my beautiful schoolroom carpet and I'm struggling to get it out and want to cry. Help.

There is it, brag, brag, brag and brag. My kids are super awesome. Now I'd better feed them before they turn on me.


  1. Kimber you are an awesome Mom with a super awesome family. Try this to get the ink out of your carpet. Purchase a bottle of rubbing alcohol take a spray bottle nozzle screw it on top of the bottle and spray it on your beautiful carpet and blot and spray until it is all out or if you do not want to spray you can poor some alcohol on the stain. I get out all kind of ink stains out of my carpet, cloths, and furniture. I was even able to get out nail polish.

  2. Wow, awesome for Belle and for her mama!!

    Brag away, you have awesome kids.