Saturday, February 18, 2012

Defrosting a Freezer is Tricky Stuff

So, I haven't decided if I have a problem with thinking tasks are easier than they appear or if I am just not as skilled as I think I am.
I'm either overconfident or inept. It could go either way.

Take my freezer defrosting debacle for example.
The other day I was kind of bored and I had an hour to kill.
So I though to myself, "I know, I'll defrost the freezer! No problem!"

Oh people. Problem. Big problem.
First I pull all the food out of there. Most of it was just fine and pretty new, except for this one carton of ice cream that was about 3 years old and completely frozen to the freezer. Nice.

I just stuck all of it on the counter thinking that since it would be back where it belonged in about 60 minutes it would be FINE at room temp.
Then I closed the door to the freezer and wandered off for about 10 minutes, planning to come back and wipe down my fully defrosted freezer.

It didn't quite go that way, much to my shock.

I came back and it was still frozen! Wha? Huh?

I called Sam (who was at work of course) and I was utterly confused.
I told him that I was concerned that I'd been a bit off on how long a freezer takes to defrost. He laughed at me. (Don't worry, I'll get him back for that.)

Then he told me to get a space heater and stick it in front of the freezer.
So I did.

Okay, truth. First I put it INSIDE the freezer, but then I thought about how water and electric stuff don't get along and I moved the heater back outside of the freezer. I'm a thinker, people.

After an hour (wha? I wanted to be done by now!) I decided to help this defrosting along, so I found a weapon.

Behold the crazy eyes. That tends to happen when someone gets me a weapon and a chance to use it.
So I started whacking away at the ice chunks.
It wasn't going great at first. My Raynauds wasn't helping the situation and I was getting discouraged fast.
I decided I needed to pump myself up, so I started singing my all time favorite song "Eye of the Tiger" while I chipped at ice chunks.
For the record, that song makes perfect sense when you are hacking away at sheets of solid ice. I was really into it too. It was awesome.

A few hours later, my freezer looks like this.

That ice cream was STILL frozen in there! Gah!
So, I kept hacking and hacking and about 4 hours later I was DONE!
(Oh, I did move all my food outside so it would stay frozen... then Ada decided to drag some of it across the lawn. Stupid dog.)

Isn't my freezer pretty now? It made me very happy to put all my food back into a nice and clean freezer. In case you can't tell, this is the fruit freezer. Everything I need for smoothies and juices reside here. Plus an occasional bread.

There it is. One of the highlights of my month was defrosting a freezer. I'm owning it.
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  1. I suspect the highlight of your month has more to do with the actual defrosted freezer than the process. That said, you probably did get some aggression out on the ice chipping. One thing that we used to do if we didn't have a lot of time is take a blow dryer to it. Or, put some steaming hot water in bowls on the shelf and let the stuff melt off. I think you worked a little too hard at it. But, it's done for about a year, right? :)