Thursday, February 2, 2012

A few of our favorite things (to eat)

Saturday was a busy day. We got a lot of food stuff done around here, yay!

We juiced our oranges and now have a ton of concentrate in the freezer (yes, I need to defrost that thing, I'm on it).

Sam made himself a pile of his favorite veggies soup for lunches and again, we froze it.

We found all the bananas in the world so we have enough for smoothies.

A friend gave us some spelt to experiment with, ooooh.

To keep us from spilling in the car, buying drinks when we are out and about and drinking sugary stuff when we should be trying for ice water or something better than soda, we let the kids each pick a mug for the car. Belles is pink, X is green and Buddy's is brown. Yes, I know it says coffee. He doesn't care and neither do I. He likes the brown color.

Pretty productive Saturday. Just wait until you see what Sambo did on Sunday!
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