Sunday, February 12, 2012

Out of the mouths of the Herd...

Things my kids have said recently that is either hilarious, charming or disturbing, depending on your mood:

1. (Buddy to Xander when I was trying to get them to do a chore and yes, I was standing right there): If we ignore her long enough, she'll go away. She's old.

2. (Xander to me at bedtime): Mommy, I love to snuggle Bronco (his teddy bear). But my very best snuggle friend who I love the most is Daddy.

3. (Isabelle, while holding a lightsaber and going up the stairs when we came home and our side door had been left open for an hour--- I have no idea who was the dink who didn't shut and lock that door): I'm going to go upstairs and let the dog out of the kennel. I'm going to take this weapon and if any criminal jumps out at me I'm going to beat the crap out of him. See you in a minute. (I sent Sam up with her to protect any potential criminals. That girl meant business.)

4. (Buddy at church against his will, in primary, barely behaving under great duress from me): Is it over? I might die if it isn't.

5. (Me just now while I was typing and  and the kids are pretending to be DEA agents and they are searching for drugs and I saw Buddy's face as he did this knock and talk scenario and was debating a more, ahem, dynamic entry): Do NOT kick in that door!

6. (Buddy as he played a Harry Potter game with Xander): Here is the new spell Xander, (Pointing his wand) Dang, Dammit! (I have no idea who taught him those words. And now I'll slink away with my head hung in shame.)

Okay, So most of this was just Buddy and his hijinks, but the other kids have had some good ones lately too. I don't know if I should be amused or ashamed of myself.
And now I need to get off the computer. The boys got ahold of a karate belt and they are trying to tie it up so they can rappel across the living room. That sounds like a safe and non-destructive plan.

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  1. Those are some great quotes! My fave is the "she's old" one, priceless!