Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pickle, ickle, ugh

So, Sambo decided to pickle a case of asparagus last week.
He also canned a batch of blueberry jam.
I was pretty excited about it.
I assumed my usual canning position with my usual tools. I got myself a snack (hello Salad with cheese, eggs and ranch dressing) and a few magazines, plus my Precious and I got ready to sit around and do nothing for 2 hours while Sam trashed the kitchen and made awesome canned goods. The of course I would clean up the mess afterwards.

Well, things didn't quite go that way.
You see, about an hour after I finished my salad I started feeling decidedly UNawesome. I figured it was nothing and just sat around watching Sam slave away in the kitchen (as it should be. I think he was even barefoot.).

The boys decided to help out.
Oh and take in the crime scene that is my kitchen in this pic.
I didn't even bother tidying up since I knew I was going to clean it up after the canning was over.
It is pretty glorious and I feel like we are closer now that you have seen my kitchen in this state.

At this point I was feeling really sick. Too sick to even stop Buddy from eating a spoonful of picking spices.
Of course, I don't know that I would have stopped him even if I had felt good because, dang. His reaction to his huge error in judgement was fabulous.

Then Sambo finished his canning work. Look at that. A flat of blueberry jam (it is so good) and a flat of pickled asparagus (the kids inhale this stuff).
Normally I'd been scrubbing everything at this point in the game but instead I was trying really hard not to throw up everywhere. Turns out the day before when I had bought a fun brand of ranch dressing we don't have in the house very often anymore I make a bad choice because I ended up with food poisoning. Yay.

I haven't had food poisoning in YEARS and I hope to never experience it again.
Needless to say my kitchen didn't get very clean that day (oh, who are we kidding? It is always mildly messy. That is just how I roll.) and poor Sam had to take care of the kids for the rest of the night too.

The moral of this story is: There is a reason you don't buy certain brands of food and you should remember it. Also, food poisoning and the smell of pickling asparagus is not very harmonic.
But, Sam is still the best canner in the world.
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  1. Ugh! Miserable and disgusting. I can only imagine the pickling smell while feeling sick. I have a few clients that pickle things and let me tell you, if they come in on a day they have been pickling, the smell is gag inducing... Blech.