Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rearranging the school room... again.

Once again, I am rearranging the house.
I have a sickness, I know.

I decided recently that the two schoolroom situation was lame and on top of that we are totally cramped in those rooms and I could not take it anymore.
On top of that, Sambo and my bedroom is perpetually a wreck because it is so huge and we just pile junk into it so it is more like a storage shed with a bed than an actual bedroom.
That just had to end.

So, I decided to move our bedroom downstairs and the schoolroom upstairs with a bonus of a playroom area.

Now, remember, our old bedroom is an L shape. Don't let that throw you. 

Here are some pictures of the wreckage mid room switch:

Some of the room moved. I had the cable guy come and rewire my internet and everything and then my friend Marie was nice enough to spend an hour moving desks and other assorted furniture up and down the stairs so I didn't kill myself.
I have come to believe that girls actually do a better job at moving furniture because we go in there and get it done efficiently (we know exactly where we want that furniture) and we are more careful about dinging up the walls.

After Marie left I moved the dressers downstairs all by myself. Because I am the coolest chick ever.
Case in point, I was hauling a dresser down the stairs and totally cheering myself on and Isabelle yells at me, "Mom, you are a total rock star! Show that dresser who is in charge!" Oh, I did.

Then we have the wreckage of the little school room. I was just grabbing stuff and hauling it upstairs with now rhyme or reason. I realized if I thought it over I would get overwhelmed with how much stuff I had to move so I went with the scoop and run method.

I know.
Holy crap, right?
I AM a total slob. Can we be closer friends because you know this about me?

Of course, the show (well, school) had to go on through the switch since it took about 3 days to be done (enough).
So, Buddy did school on the floor.
Last night Sam was kind enough to take apart our Paul Bunyan log bed and haul our bed down the stairs so I could finish up the rest of this room today. It was really nice of him and Caleb (who helped him get it done, thanks Fishy!).

I spent the rest of today finishing it up as much as I can for the time being.

I got these shelves on Amazon for a great price and I LOVE them.
This is all of the curriculum for school we either haven't used yet or that I am trying to keep all pretty.
The closets will both have curtains sewn for them, but until then I'll deal.
The left is where my buckets of clothes will be and I'll rotate them out by season.
The right top is linens for visitors and blanket forts, The middle is all of our board games and the bottom is full of buckets of fabric for when I sew all sorts of random stuff.
The shelf there has our arts and crafts stuff, flash cards and puzzles and a bucket of books so I can rotate the book selection and keep it fresh.
On the left front you see one of our computers and desks for school.

Kitty corner from the desk you just saw are these two desks with printers.
Three computers so three kids can do school at the same time.

Shelves and workboxes are next to it.
Next to the shelves and workboxes lies my sewing table. I haven't cleaned it off yet and I have a LOT of projects to do. Sigh.

Now we turn a corner and...
This is the playroom area.
When kids get done with school they can move over here and hang out.
Ozzy loves the little chairs.
More pics of my workboxes because I am too lazy to put these in order.

And back to the play area. On the left is a tv so the kids can watch shows. I am putting in our mini fridge too so the kids can have cold water up here while they hang out and I teach piano in the afternoons. They have room for games, a place to relax and a place for school. It is perfect.

There is it, my new and improved and much larger schoolroom/playroom/family room. I wish I had done this sooner!


  1. Awsome!! I love what you did, reminds me is time to organize the school room :)

  2. I agree wholeheartedly that women are better at moving furniture than men. I laughed at Isabelle calling you a rockstar.

    You are, you know.

    Love the organization! Nothing makes my heart go pitter-pat quite like seeing neatly organized shelves and bins and books.