Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another AWESOME day in Towerland

You know, there are just days I have to take a moment and be grateful for the awesome that is all around me.

Today is one of those days.
I got a present last night from some of my babywearing buddies:

A perfect sticker for the back on Angelina Jolie the minivan.
She needed a new tattoo.

I also have a new mei tai that expresses how I feel about life.
Isn't that just happy?
I have loved this print for ages. It is a Freehand mei tai and it is just flowery and sunny and awesome.
Like today.
(Pssst. Stop looking at my hiney. I know, I know, too much junk in the trunk. What can I say? I need a shelf for packing kids on my back!)

I also had on my shoes that also express my mood.
If I could wear all pink all the time. I really would.

Of course, if I'm outside, where are the kids?

Anxiously studying?

We finished kindergarten and 3rd grade a week or so ago and we are DONE with school for this school year! Woo hoo!
Of course, 1st and 4th grade will be shipped out to us in a few days and then we'll start up school again, but on a modified summer schedule. I love homeschooling.

So do the kids.
Buddy and his bike. He needs gloves for some ready.
Belle was wearing capris and a coat. So confusing.

Of course, my tootsies got cold (sigh, I am always so cold!) so I went and switched to my other shoes that express my mood.
So, not black!

Pink or sparkles. That is what the entire world should be made of.

The world should also be made of more time to hang with my guy.

He IS smiling.

I went hunting in my yard and found some new friends in the grass.
Hello, Snow Crocus.

I found another happy child.

Look at Mr. Xander!

And look at these three big kids.

Kids got to play and Sambo got to love on Brad Pitt the truck.

I have no idea what he is doing.

Ozzy wanted to play after a bit too.

Look at that shortie.

Yep, today is awesomesauce.

Next time I have a day that is lamesauce, I'm going to find this blog post and remember how great life really is. I have all my favorite humans with me, a dream house to live in, flowers growing in my yard and happy shoes. How much better can life get?

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