Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boys are crazy

We put the trampoline up Saturday. By we I mean my dad did it while Sam was working.
This was a good thing because 1. Sam didn't have to do it and 2. My dad was willing to move it wherever I wanted and 3. Sam never moves things where I want him to which is why I do all the furniture moving in the house and why the frame for the Paul Bunyan bed is STILL in my school room. Sigh.

The boys have been pretty happy that they could jump around again.

Yesterday I went to check on the boys and Buddy and Xander are on the trampoline wearing helmets.

Me: Whatcha doin?
Buddy: We're going to do some dangerous tricks.
Me: No. No dangerous tricks!
Buddy: Okay, medium dangerous tricks.
Me: NO! NO dangerous tricks!
Buddy: Okay, only a little dangerous tricks.
Buddy: (Sullenly and not at all looking like he means it) Okay.

Yeah, that is going to work out greeeeaaaaaat.

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  1. Bonus points to them for putting on helmets first!