Thursday, March 1, 2012

I tried something new today

Have you ever heard that horrific "Yo Gabba Gabba" song with the lyrics, "try it... you'll like it!"

Xander sings it a lot to Buddy when Buddy is trying to go on a food strike around here. It is amusing, annoying and it never, EVER leaves your head. Enjoy.

Anyhow, there is this thing I tried today.

It happens to this:

 But it affects this:

(That is my happy little face. It actually affects all of me, but I like my face pics better than my hiney pics so, yeah.)

I had my first experience ever with foot zoning!

Have you heard of it?
Do you think it is wacky?
Well, a few years ago I did too.
(But then a few years ago I was also under the mistake belief that even if you are a heart shaped peg you MUST fit into that silly square slot. Oh, foolish Kimber. So glad I figured that one out before I chipped my fun little heart shape into that way less fun four cornered peg. But, I digress...)

I have been researching it a bit. I've watched those who have tried zoning and after a lot of thought and taking some time to find a zoner who I felt was a good fit for me and mine, I booked my first appointment.

It was today.

I left the herd with Sam and spent a bit over an hour having conversation, getting my feet rubbed and learning a thing or two.
I decided to go into it with a "I'm here to learn" attitude and I will say, that probably makes it less relaxing than it could be, but then I also relax when I have all the thinky stuff out of the way so I wouldn't have fully relaxed no matter what. (That is just a me quirk, sigh. Silly brain.)
Jeri, my zoner, had some wonderful insights, made for great conversation and left me feeling fantastic when I left.

It was a great experience and I intend to do it again. I am a pretty rational gal on things like this and honestly, I felt physically better when I left. It was very interesting to me. Oh, and I am SO THIRSTY!

Anyhow, I'm sending Sambo to get zoned next week. I want to him to have that experience too.

If you are local, I am going to make this plug (no, I don't get a kickback, nor do I want one) for Jeri at ENSO (Click here) 

If you aren't local, but want to try zoning out, I am certain Jeri could refer you to someone who is trained and knows what they are doing (I was really picky about the training background and researched that a bit too. It matters to me).

Now, I'm not saying you should use zoning to cure cancer, but I am saying this is something to try if you don't feel 100% physically, emotionally... or if you are like me and just very curious. Curiosity got me and I'm pretty stoked about it. 

So, try it! I think you'll like it!

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