Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ice Cream for Breakfast

I just spent the last half hour freezing to death in the ice cream aisle of the grocery store.
I couldn't decide what to get.
You see, this is important ice cream.

In a few days, we are celebrating.

We will celebrate the life of someone that was too short.

We will celebrate his wife and their daughters.

We will celebrate the people from around the world who came together to rally behind this family when he was diagnosed with cancer, the people who cheered him on when he was victorious and who offered support when cancer won a battle.

We will remember that cancer thinks it licked this brave man, but we know the actual score.

Cancer may have taken his life, but his bravery, his positive attitude and his humor will live on.
Bruce Rosenberg changed lives without knowing it. People who never met him are better because of him.
He and his family have made the world a better place by existing in it.

I did not know him or his family well, but he was a part of my babywearing community which makes him family to me. I have watched this battle since the beginning and I have been inspired over and over again by the positive attitude they have shown. I have learned from them.

I have a better appreciation for my own family because of him and his loved ones. 

I am reminded to have fun and enjoy the good, bad and craptastic parts of life because it is short and we need to make it count.

I'm sure you are wondering, why ice cream? How does that go with what you are talking about?

If I may quote a friend right now:

Bruce C Rosenberg was diagnosed with a particularly nasty melanoma on March 21st, 2011. One thing he realized on his journey with cancer was that you've got to live every moment to the hilt. Ice Cream for Breakfast Day was his idea. A way to share his realization with the world.

He left this world today. 9 days short of a year later. Please join his family and friends in honoring him by having Ice Cream for Breakfast. 

Please, take a moment, go to this facebook event and join us in eating ice cream for breakfast on March 21th.

Gather your family, join us and remember.

Remember a father who should be hugging his kiddos tonight and chatting with his wife after the kids are asleep.

Remember that life is too short not to have fun, even when things suck. No, ESPECIALLY when things suck.

Remember that each person changes the world, whether they know it or not. What we do, how we live... matters.

(If you want to learn more about Bruce, please click on this link here and you can read his journal.)


  1. I didn't know Bruce at all. Just of him and just recently. I read his journal over the course of a day, and am inspired myself. What an amazing man and the family (including the tribe) that stood/stands behind him/them every step of the way. And the humor that he held while going through a living hell is positively amazing. Cancer Sucks! Here's to eating ice cream for breakfast! (Can breakfast be after 11 am? It makes me sick before then).

  2. Thank you for sharing this article. Life is too short and this is a good reminder