Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ozzy outside for the first time

Big moment for Osbourne.
Last Saturday he got to play outside all by himself!
Okay, not by himself, by himself.

But, outside walking around without me hovering too terribly much.

It was a bit of a trick since I couldn't find any matching shoes for him. Plus he has not wanted to wear shoes so I wasn't sure if he would keep them on and the ground was still muddy so shoes were mandatory.
Finally I gave up and put a brown shoe on one foot and a blue shoe on the other. He was cool with it. Even my mom was cool with it. I was disturbed, but since I was the minority vote I had to deal.


Lookit the big boy!
I loves his chubbs cheekers.
He looks very handsome to me there. Even with his baby bird fluff hair.
Ooh, he found a rock to eat.
And that is when I took him back inside.

Still, good outing!
I can't believe he is this big! Where did the time go?

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