Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring 2012 Homeschool update

I just wanted to take a minute to post some updates to how school at home is going.

Let's start with the UGLY:

My children have decided to do school in their pjs more often than I like. I am trying to not let it become an epic battle of wills ever morning, but I am also hating the pj party. Of course, this comes from the lady who thinks there is such a thing as "fancy" pj pants (and has worn them to nice events to prove it), so I'm trapped in a bit of a glass house on this one. Frick.

We are reevaluating our extracurriculars right now. We need them, but my piano schedule is, ahem, prohibitive. Take into account Sambo's ever evolving work schedule (right now the dream is he actually has ONE of his set days off and he STAYS HOME FROM WORK for that entire day. I need the fantasy) and we have a bit of a tricky situation. Not sure how to solve it yet, but it is at the tippy top of my list of "must figure outs". That and world peace.

Now, the BAD:

My kids are getting too cocky about their brilliance and I need to take them down a few pegs. Not sure how to do that yet, but it will be amusing, of that I am certain.

Xander is such a distraction during school. He will be 5 in December and I know it is a year early, but I'm debating trying to start kindergarten so he will have something more than preschool to do. It insults him to have a workbook while his siblings have "real" school.

Ozzy is also a distraction way more than I would like. Can't start him in kindy until the boy can say more than just "da da" and "hi da da". Little traitor, won't say "ma ma". Blah.

I'm finding myself getting too impatient with the kids when they lollygag during school. I'm also cranky when they don't get something right on the first try. Okay, Kimber, just because they usually do get things quickly doesn't mean it is a big deal when it takes a few tries. Be patient, woman! Get it together! I'm really frustrated with myself over this one.

Finally, the good:

Currently, the good days are winning over the rough days. Woooo!

Buddy and Belle are nearly done with their 3rd grade and Kindergarten curriculum. Our (easily attainable) goal is to be done by the end of March. Then we will take April off and wait for 4th grade and 1st grade to arrive. We have a planned schedule of one week on school, one week off school for our summer vacation. That will keep minds moving forward, but still allow for a break. This also keeps us on our getting ahead schedule and since we will have all of April off (if we don't get too bored) and all of May, I feel like the kids aren't getting shortchanged in school at all. They're good with it too.

Our new school room is just divine! It makes for a much easier flow through classes and that makes all of us happy.

The kids are doing great with their gifted program stuff still. I'm seeing them start to take on projects and learn things that fascinate them on top of what they need to do for their regular school and that is exciting. This is what I wanted for them and I hope it keeps going.

If all goes according to our hopes, Sam is going to carve out some time on a regular basis where he and the kids can work together this summer on our garden. They can learn about the plants, the dirt... they can come up with creative ways to tend their garden and hopefully we'll cover math, science and literature that way. He's also hoping to take them fishing, on herb walks and maybe we'll start some new outdoor hobbies.

I'm hoping to coach tee ball again (I've decided I am a great tee ball coach but I'm leaving the rest of the sports to actual experts from now on) and Buddy will be starting pitching machine while Belle wants to take tennis again. It is going to be really fun!

So, there it is. School is overall going wonderful. There are moments I want to beat my head on the wall and the past two months have been a bit tiresome as we had a lot of family stuff we needed to focus on so we missed pretty much all of our outings with other homeschool families, but it was worth it to get ourselves resituated and refocused.

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