Monday, March 12, 2012

What a Babywearer is (Find your Tribe)

I think sometimes people think I'm crazy to spend so much of my time talking about babywearing.

You need to understand something.

Being a Babywearer isn't just doing a thing.

It is a part of who you are.
It is a part of my character and my soul.

Let me explain.

Lots of people babywear. They use the carriers, they have fun playing in the pretty fabric and coordinating their outfits.
They are babywearing, yes. but they aren't a Babywearer.

A Babywearer is different from your typical person who enjoys hauling kids in a sling.

First off, many of us met and became friends on the forums of a website called "The Babywearer".
Tons of people go to that site and most come and go. But some of us stuck around for awhile, talked to each other and made friends.

For me, I found my tribe. People who think differently from me in many ways, who do something things different. People I would never have even thought to talk to if it weren't for this common interest in using a baby carrier. But through this interest we found each other and discovered we have more in common that we ever realized.

We all started to become friends and each others' cheerleaders, confidants... we became a funny little clan that is spread out all over, but come together online and in person.

Let me tell you what a Babywearer does.

We treat each other with kindness and we try to spread the kindness to others.
We welcome people into our fold with open arms.
We share... carriers, knowledge, funds when needed triumphs and sorrows. We just like to share.
We like to see each other suceed, and not just at getting a great back carry, but at anything in life we dream of doing. I won't lie, when I hear someone is a Babywearer, I am always ready to cheer them on!
We are loyal. These are our people and we love them and will help them.

Babywearers see the world differently than most people. I don't know how to explain it.
We see each other differently too. We're just our own little group and while we welcome anyone to join, it seems like like only a few really SEE what we are trying to do in our world, how we are trying to make it different and wonderful... and only a few join in with us.But when someone does join they are lucky because they have sisters and brothers who will be there for them forever.

Sometimes we move closer to each other and then instead of being all alone in a new place, we have built in friends. If we travel somewhere, we can find a Babywearer to hang out with. We're everywhere and we are always ready to welcome each other.

I'm sure you are wondering why I am even talking about this today.

Well, for many months now I have been watching as a babywearing family I know only a bit has been going through the biggest battle of their lives. Their papa (known as "Lord of the Slings") has been fighting Melanoma with all he has. He has kicked some hiney and I've watched and cheered for his success and hurt when the cancer hasn't been kind. This is a time I hurt. It looks like his time to fight is nearly over and that just sucks.
But, I've been watching my fellow Babywearers just surround his family with all the support and love they can from all over the world and it just makes me cry a little bit. It doesn't matter that we don't know each other that well, we are a family and we do what we can.

It reminds me of all the times I've asked for some prayers tossed in my way and my Babywearer friends have gladly obliged. I remember the times they've asked for support too and I've stopped my day to do what I could. I've never known a group of people so willing to give without asking what was in it for them.

I've never seen a group rally around a family like they have for this family. It makes me proud to be lumped in with this wacky clan.

I have a wish for all of you. I am wishing you have a tribe like mine. If you don't, I am wishing you find one. It is so lovely to know there are people who love you and are right behind you to lift you up and support you. Your tribe may not be called something as quirky as being a Babywearer, but I know it is or will be special to you like mine is to me. Find your tribe.

And, whether you are a Babywearer or not, take a second right now to throw a prayer, a happy thought, a vibe... whatever it is you believe in, towards this good family who need every ounce of sunshine they can get right now.


  1. Kimber, what a beautifully written post that is nails the escense of what it means to be a Babywearer. The love that has pored out over the internet for Bruce and his family is just amazing. When it counts, we truly have friends that we can count on (even if we have never met IRL)
    Old Man (TBW)

  2. Perfectly written, Kimber. I'm so proud to be part of this amazing and wacky tribe. The love and support in our community continues to amaze me. xoxo

  3. You put into words so well what I have thought time and time again. Thank you.

  4. <3 More tears. I sure hope that Bruce and Julie can feel the love and support coming their way during this terrible awful time. To know that there are so many of us out here hurting for them and wishing we could take away the pain that they are going through. Brandy (MustangXena on TBW)

  5. Love you. And hi, Old Man!

    Larissa aka walrissa

  6. I have not been active on TBW in a few years... I have heard about Bruce's story via facebook through TBW friends. I have my own loss experience, but have never lost a husband or a father. I would like to send all my love to this dear family! I will keep them and Bruce in my thoughts and prayers!
    To Kimber - you are so right about this tribe! I couldn't have asked for better support when I needed it!

    Kristy. (Honeybunch on TBW)

  7. Fantasically written post, Kimber.

    Reneé aka 20pound_peanut

  8. I never 'knew' them, but I didn't hesitate to read all Bruce's journal entries, cry for an entire night, and light candles for them. They ARE a part of my tribe. Let us all eat ice-cream for breakfast and celebrate that He is no longer in pain.

    HybridVigor on TBW

  9. Exactly Kimber! Such an amazing group of people. Much love to all Babywearers. <3

    Susan (Mamachanse)

  10. So true, Kimber.

    Diana (aka wyovol)

  11. This is lovely Kimber and so true for me as well.

    Alison (aka mom2twinsplus2)

  12. Wonderful post, Kimber, and so, so true.


  13. Love this post, Kimber. My heart hurts for them...I just can't imagine that kind of loss....