Saturday, April 14, 2012

Clogging Princess, Isabelle Tower

We had a big event this week.
Isabelle had her first clogging team competition.

I know, I was surprised too. Who knew that girl could clog?

Actually, what happened is about a month ago Belle asked us if she could start clogging. She had been asking for a few months as she was tired of ballet and had decided to stop taking ballet to find something else back in November. Being the Mother of the Year that I am (seriously, where is my trophy?), I put off finding her a new dance class in the hopes that we would start up again in the fall.

Isabelle is not that easily deterred. Her darling friend Bethany takes clogging and Belle wanted to clog with her buddy. So, I got the info and called the teacher about it. It was pretty darn late in the year to start up dancing since their recital is in April and they had their big state competition too, but since Belle has been taking dance since she was 1 year old, her teacher and I decided to try and see if she could learn fast enough.

I was surprised, but she really did! She is a quick study apparently! So, she started clogging and has loved it.

Her big competition was yesterday in Pocatello. We figured it would be no big deal. We would need to get moving early on Friday and I had to have my mom substitute some of my piano students. Really, not a big deal.

Then, Thursday our car decided to break.

Sam had a new officer who is also a mechanic come by and he told us our water pump was broken and had to be replaced.

On top of this, I had been feeling a little bit icky and I want to get a foot zone. The zone was wonderful but I think my system has been flushing the yuck out and I was feeling awful. Chills, fever, horrible aches and pains and a cough. It was no bueno. (It still is no bueno. I feel horrid.)

To finish me off, while I was gone for that 1 hour, the kids goofed off and ignored the dog when she told them she needed to go potty and she pooped on the floor! Then, Isabelle (who was wearing my boots after I told her not to more than once) didn't see the poop (!) and walked in it and tracked it all over the house. Okay, I could handle that, I had a carpet cleaner. Well, it decided to break right then and there.

I admit, I threw a total temper tantrum. I felt like crap, Angelina Jolie the minivan was acting crappy and there was dog crap all over the house. Total Crap Casserole.

All I could do at that point was go to bed and hope Friday would sort itself out while Sam found all the dog poop and sanitized each spot. Bless him. I really hate poop.

The next morning I felt marginally better so I got up and did school with the kids while Sam and his cop/mechanic friend worked on Angie. They were triumphant.

That is Sam's Happy Hillbilly smile. It worked better when he still had that hobo tooth.

Yeah, that thing was broken.

Sam took some pictures of Angie under the knife.
I have no idea what we are looking at in these pictures so I just say, "oooh" and "aaaah".
Right when we had to leave for Pocatello, they finished. We paid our kind gentlemechanic friend and off we drove.


Sam dosed me with a pile of herbs so I was a little loopy, but I could function enough to get us all there and I felt less like dying. Good times.

So, we arrive and there were cloggers everywhere! Holy criminy!
I didn't know it was the state championship, but it was! Clogging is a way bigger deal than I realized.

After we got over the shock of how big this competition was, we got her into her costume and got her hair done.

Isabelle needed makeup for her performance.

Thank goodness Sam is fantastic at applying makeup or that girl would have looked like a circus clown.
(Oh and here is the proof for what I've been telling people for years. They guy can pack heat and wield a mascara wand at the same time. That is a true manly man right there.)

I could not believe all the trophies everywhere.
It was a really big competition!

This is Belle with her team.
She loved this outfit and told us it was her rock star outfit. Her BFF Bethany is in the orange. We sure love that girl. Really, we love all these kids. Isabelle has had the best time with her team.

I know I'm biased, but isn't she just adorable?

My obligatory "Proof I was there" shot.
There were so many mamas hauling babies in carseats and strollers or just in arms, looking at my Ergo longingly and I wanted so badly to grab them all and hold in impromptu babywearing 101 session.

My favorite mommy moment was when I had Oz on my back, I was trying to take a picture of Belle and I was helping Xander play a game on my kindle and an older man came over to me and said admiringly, "Now THAT is what I call multitasking! Good work!" Made me feel like a Rock Star. I almost didn't feel sick for a few hours after that.

Eventually the competition started.
The menfolk were riveted.
(Side note here. For Easter we skipped candy and got the kids a refurbished kindle fire to share so we would have three kindles for trips and whatnot. They have proven to be invaluable time and time again. Buddy, Xander and Sam were totally occupied the entire time we were waiting for Belle to perform and on the drive to and from Poky all three kids were well behaved because they had a kindle to play games on. I love that thing.
You need one, seriously.)

Finally, Belle's team was up. 
I will admit it, I was nervous. She had only had about 4 lessons before performing and I was hoping she wouldn't hold the team back.
Man, she didn't!

I am guessing that 8 years of dance really did pay off because she looked great out there!
She did miss a few steps here and there but she was really good at faking it until she got back on track and she really performed the numbers. Truly, she did a really good job and you wouldn't know she had been clogging for such a short time if someone didn't tell you.
I think with a full year of classes she will be an outstanding little clogger.

(By the way, her little best friend Bethany is a fantastic clogger. That girl can dance! Wow!)

I got a solo shot of her after the first dance before she changed costumes.
I realize I am very biased, but I just think she is the prettiest girl in the world.

Her team's next number went great too. She is the spoon in this shot.
She did a really great job and I was so proud of her.

After the team events they held solo competitions but since Belle had been dancing for such a short time we decided to forgo that part.
Next year she'll most likely do it however.

All 4 kids at the tournament.
This is the best picture I got. Sigh.

After a quick stop to eat (mmm, Five Guys) and a jaunt through Costco (be still my heart), we got on the road to hurry home so I could teach the rest of my piano. Plus I kind of wanted to die because my whole body was aching so we needed to get on the road before I actually did die. (For the record, I was writing this post about an hour ago and I fell asleep mid sentence and woke up when my face hit the keyboard. It hurt. I took a 40 minute nap after that and I feel marginally better and the keyboard isn't in danger of getting another headbutt. For now.)

On the way home, my phone rang. It was for Isabelle. One of her teammates called to tell her that her team TOOK FIRST PLACE!

We were so excited! It was worth all the hassle to get her there. She is really enjoying it and that is really what matters most.

So we have a clogger in our family. She's good at it too.

We're pretty proud.

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