Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crosstichery Part Deux

I've made two more projects.

The first one here is actually my fourth project.
I made it all by myself too!

During conference this past weekend I heard this quote and it was my favorite thing I heard so I decided to stitch it up.
It is a larger piece and will probably go in an 8x10 frame.

I picked the primary colors because I love that song, I love the meaning behind the colors and I love primary so I thought it would all go nicely with my happy thought.

This is my third project.
I fouled it up and measured the aida fabric too small so I couldn't put the correct border on it.
That made me cranky when I figured it out but instead of giving up I just made a flower on it instead.
This is a smaller sized project and my friend Christine (who is a frickin' saint) made the pattern for me.
I love her.
I also love this quote. Hee hee.
I have a few projects on the docket right now for friends. I have a feeling I'll be taking requests over time and I'm totally cool with it because this is my new favorite thing to do.

I got a new book yesterday with some insane projects that I just may take on eventually.

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  1. What?! That Jeffrey r Holland quote is the coolest thing cross-stitched EVER.