Sunday, April 22, 2012

Come on,Pneumonia wanna ruin my week!

People, I have been sick.
Sicky, sicky, sickety sick sick.

 I haven't felt good, in case you weren't clear on that.

I even missed church last week and I never miss church if possible!

But, I couldn't even get out of bed.
Check it out.
That is me in bed with a few boys who wanted to watch tv. I am wearing my Hot Pink Slanket (Thank you Jan!) that you would think would have made me all chipper, but even Slanket can't make fevers and coughing and body aches go away.

When Sam got off work (this was his day off, mind you), he made us go on a drive. Whimper.
He took the kids on a hike...
Ozzy fell asleep so I HAD to stay in the car with him.
Hallelujah. I could not have hiked.
My sad sicky face. Feel sorry for me. Now.

Heh heh. I took a picture of Sam's butt. That is what he gets for making me go on a car ride.

I feel bad about the butt picture, so here is a pic of his face too. He found an herb and he was all excited about it.

On our way home we stumble onto an impromptu rodeo going on.
The first bull ride was pretty exciting, so Sam wanted to take a pic of the second bull.
Well, that's one way to get that rider to get off you.
Clever bull. We shall name him Ferdinand.

Eventually we bored of the rodeo, so we headed home.
This was my favorite moment of the day.
In Idaho, most people keep a dog in the back of their pickup.

This guy just wants to be an original.

So, the week progressed.
I did not get better.

By Wednesday, Sam was done with my sickies so he sent me to the doctor.

She walked into that exam room and said, "I don't like the sound of that cough" and sent me off for a chest x ray.


Diagnosis: Walking Pneumonia


I got a shot in the patootie (highlight of the month, truth be told), a nerd-haler, antibiotics (people, there is a time and a place for modern medicine and I am not afraid to tell all of you that last week was one of them. I was megasick) and other fun meds.

I've been slowly getting better.

Then, we hit Thursday and Friday.

Belle had the ISATS. That is standardized testing for school
She got two advanced and one proficient (and it was barely not an advanced. She keeps kicking herself over that where I'm just happy we are done with them!).

She did great.
To celebrate I let them play at a park.
Then Xander just HAD to depants himself and pee on a bleacher so we went home. Sigh.

By Friday I was attempting to cook again.
Tropical Punch Koolaid speaks to my soul.

Roasted brussel sprouts. Mmmmm.
Mac and cheese from scratch!
"Healthy" Nutella muffins. Because I can.
I still didn't feel good.

But I didn't let pneumonia win.

So, there is my week. Sick as a dog but I don't have time to be sick as a dog so we are ignoring it as much as possible. Take that!

(Oh and this blog title is an attempt at a pun. Don't judge me too harshly.)

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