Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kicking sickness... and crime... and overcrowded spaces in the behind!

I fear that I am running out of ways to title my blog posts.
This concerns me.

Ah well, on to the post at hand.

Yesterday I went and took pictures of Sam and the Rigby Police Department while they did a community service project with Walmart.

It was so great!

 The kids came with me. They were ready to join in.
Sadly, our chief did not need any shortie reseves yesterday.

We pretty much just took pictures, got in the way and got out of there.

Look at my Hawt Cop taking a spray can sized bite out of crime!
He smiles because I look like crap.

After that I had to take Belle to a clogging performance.
It was at this Children's Fair.

I'm going to be very honest right now.
I hate insane crowds. I don't mind normal groupings, but places where I have to grow another arm so I can keep track of all of my kids in the sea of humans makes me super duper crazycakes.

With that in mind... this SUCKED.
The least crowded part of the fair.
I am so stoked I didn't pay to go to this. Some gal walked up to us outside and just handed us tickets. Bless her.
The boys did not have fun.
Not even a little bit.
But, Isabelle did great again and she had a wonderful time and it was totally worth it to see her smile like that!

Ozzy didn't fall asleep. I was shocked.

Proof I was there. And proof I didn't die from my walking pneumonia. Woo!

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