Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Police Family's Idea of a Good Time is Weird

I realized something the other day.
We don't have typical ideas of fun family time around here.

Just last Saturday we decided to spend the afternoon driving around town locating and cataloguing graffiti as a family. The kids had the best time although now they point out the graffiti on everything they see every time we drive.

Then, this past week we decided to go on a archeological dig.
Well, kind of.

Buddy's 1st grade history class was about being a historian and archeology. So after the lesson we watched some "Indiana Jones" and when Sam got home from work we loaded up his metal detector for an adventure.

Of course, Sam was called to check on something at work right as we left so the kids and I hung out in Angelina Jolie the Minivan while he worked for a bit.

I think we've all become jaded because we just looked at books and tried not to die of boredom while we waited for Sambo.

Finally we went to the lake.

So exciting!
I even took the "proof I was There" picture.

My feet came too.

I tried to hang with everyone for a bit but I was so cold so I eventually wandered into the  car to defrost.
Sam and the kids were busy looking for treasure.

Finally it got too cold for everyone so they piled back into the car and we went home.
It was a hoot.

But we have a weird sense of fun around here.

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