Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sickness and Repentance in Towerland

I'm in a Mommy time out.
I have to be.
My boys have pushed me to the limit. Again.

I've been sick over the weekend and through this week and it has been rough. I have been too sick to cook so Sam has been buying food (blech, that processed stuff is part of the problem around here, I know it), the house is a mess and the kids are running around like wild dogs. I suspect the processed food fiesta is playing a role in that.

Since Saturday the boys have:

  • broken dresser drawers
  • broken doors
  • broken shelves
  • knocked a screen out the window and nearly let Ozzy fall out of the same 2 story window! 
  • Pulled all the bedding off of everything multiple times so I can't keep up. 
  • drawn on the walls
  • poured soap all over the bathroom floor again.
  • forgotten how to flush the toilets
  • lost all the tv remotes. Again.
  • argued.
  • protested school

That is just what I can remember now.  Buddy in particular  has been awful. He has been so good and I KNOW not to feed him lots of processed stuff because he goes all Jekyll (or Hyde?) on me and of course he has. He has called 911 and hung up (he said he wanted to call his dad, facepalm), handcuffed himself to things, handcuffed his brother to things, climbed to the top of a closet to grab my sewing cutting and sliced his thumb, thrown all sorts of tantrums and been seriously evil at times.

Just now, the boys were eating lunch. Their lunch wasn't as good as mine because I asked for help and they didn't help me, they just made a mess so I made a great lunch for Belle and Oz and me and they got boring lunch. They were annoyed, but that is how it goes. Anyhow, I asked them to PLEASE sit in their chairs while I walked to the next room to get Ozzy's shirt. I come back and they have ripped down a curtain of mine, breaking the bar and they ran upstairs to hide. That happened in 8 seconds, I was counting!

Not gonna lie. I just came unhinged on those two. I yelled and yelled and YELLED.
I am sick. I am tired. My husband hadn't had a full day off and these past days WERE his days off so I'm extra tired. I'm not mad he had to work, but I am so blah.
It is hard to fix stuff up high because I'm a shortie and I don't have great balance right now.
I was just furious.

But, something good may come of this.

Buddy and I had this exchange in a semi quiet tone.

Me: You are the oldest son and you are the example? Are you going to be a good example or a bad example to your brothers?

Buddy:  I need to be good but my brain is tired.

Me: Not an excuse. You are smart and you know what is right. Make the right choices.

Buddy: I need to repent.

Me: How do you do that.

Buddy: I pray to God and then I try to fix what I did wrong.

Me: And you apologize.

Buddy: Oh yeah.

Me: What are you going to do then?

Buddy: I am praying right now, I need some time.

So, I'm up here hoping for the best. I need these past few days to turn into a good experience because I LOVE my boys but I am fried. When I'm healthy they are wild but when I'm sick like this it is just too hard to stay a few steps ahead of them and for my house's sake, their safety and my sanity, the terrorizing must end.

Things will get better, I know it. I also know that these problems are not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but for me, this is really hard right now.

Also, next time I'm sick, remind me how badly it goes when we eat junk food. Criminy.

Okay, I'm cooled off. Going back in.

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