Sunday, April 22, 2012

Girls' Night

So, I've been out of commission for about a week. I have stories to tell. Buckle up, this will be a long and quite possibly entertaining only to me ride.

Last Friday, after Belle's awesome clogging competition (I'm still reeling over the fact that we are a clogging family. Coming from a tap dancing background, we SO DID NOT expect that), I came home, finished piano lessons up (thanks mom for subbing for me for part of them) and then I got myself ready to go to a girl's night.

Now, I don't get out often. Sam's schedule is seriously way too prohibitive at times and I'm lazy, so, yeah.
Plus, I am really bad at being girly and giggling so I usually get stage fright and don't go.
But, this time I invited a bunch of friends to go with me and that forced me into the position that I HAD to go.

So glad I did that to myself.

First I picked up a few buddies.
I posted this pic of Lynne because she looks way too good for being pregnant. We must hate her for this.

So, we get to partyland and a bunch of gals were visiting.
Truth be told, I felt like dookie. I just wanted to crawl into bed and die. But I wanted to power through so I got out my Just Dance for Kids for the wii and I made people wii with me.

People, I actually practiced beforehand and I still LOST. Whine.

Eventually people got sick of my game and got out the much hipper Micheal Jackson for wii. I wanted to play so bad, but I was feeling like I'd been hit by a truck so I sat down and played a little pictionary/telephone game.

I had never played it before and the basic gist is that you write a phrase, like "Kimber is awesomesauce" on a paper and the next person draws a picture of that phrase. The next person only sees the pictures and writes a phrase based on what they see, then the next person only sees THAT phrase and draws a picture, etc.

Hilarity ensued.

Of course, at some point the table turned on me and this happened:

This was the beginning phrase above.

It was going normal and then someone who shall remain unnamed (side eye to that person, she knows who she is and revenge will be mine) did this:
The accompanying picture.
The next person (remember, I didn't even know all the people at this get together, which makes this much more amusing to me) wrote, "Kimber likes to babywear, but her kitchen smells like a pig."
Then we got this pic:
Hee hee.
Someone has been to Towerland lately!

Then, it got ugly, behold.
I know my babywearing buddies and they are all getting mad and saying, "awwww, Hells NO!" (Sorry, I've been wanting to use that phrase on the blog for awhile. Judge away. I needed my cuss word fix. I'm better now.)

Then we all looked at each others stuff and had a good laugh at my (and babywearing's) expense. I love that I am surrounded by people who will poke fun at me. I hope they will clean my kitchen too because apparently I have some issues there!

Around this time I was circling the drain so I dragged my sorry self home.
It was so much fun, but next time I vow to not be sick.

Oh and how sick I WAS! More on that in a second!

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  1. Those pictures and titles had me laughing tears! I have to try that game!