Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sweet mother of all that is holy.

Why didn't someone warn me that boys are obsessed with their pee and where they can put it?

Here is a sampling of the pee-bachery that has occurred in recent weeks:

1. Buddy and Xander has made constant attempts to "cross swords", so to speak, while peeing simultaneously. They love to race and then are way too amused when their pee hits each other and goes everywhere.
I am less amused.

2. Sometimes when the toilet becomes a boring target, they just pee race using the bathtub as a giant urinal. I learned this in the middle of a relaxing soak in that very tub, when Xander told me allllll about it.

3. We received a call the other day while we were listening to some speakers from our church on the radio. It was Xander's church teacher. She regretted to inform us that the boy had dropped trou outside and was peeing onto the highway. Fabulous.

4. The other day a friend came over to repair one of Buddy's volunteer hairdresser sessions. She walked into the bathroom, stops and says, "is that a tupperware bowl full of PEE?"
Indeed it was.
Apparently they were honing their sharpshooting skills.

I have reached the point where I don't even get upset about this anymore, I just kind of shrug and pour the pee into the toilet and continue to be grateful that the boys limit their hijinks to rooms without carpet or the great outdoors.

Tell me the obsession with pee is going to end someday. Please.


  1. I just caught my almost 8 yr old teaching my potty training three year old to pee on the carpet in the bedroom. No wonder that room smells so pee-tastic.

  2. Officially my favorite post on your blog. Ever. Even though I never ever EVER want to find a popcorn bowl full of pee in my bathroom.