Monday, May 28, 2012

Back on the RUN!

I ran today!
I could actually RUN again and my ankles didn't explode!
I am very excited about this in case you can't tell.

Yesterday I was very discouraged.
I could barely walk most of the day and I was starting to despair and think I would never be able to even walk up the stairs normally again.
Saturday we had gone to our local running store and I talked to one of the employees there who went over my stride with me and all that and he pretty much came to the same conclusions as me. He also suggested some KT Tape (which I had been researching) to help me heal a bit faster.
I was really hoping I'd come home and able to run, but not so much.
So yesterday I prayed all day and grumbled and grumbled and hoped I would feel better.

I woke up today and by noon I felt ready to run, so Sambo and I went out and my ankles were cranky, but not terribly cranky so, yay!

Yes, I'm wearing shoes for now and yes it is driving me nuts.
Yes, I want to run again right now and tomorrow and every day.
But I won't.

I'm going to not only be able to run a 5k and not die, I'm going to learn how to have a little self control and not over do it.

(Oh and KT Tape is one of my new favorite products. That is great stuff.)

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