Sunday, May 27, 2012

Buddy Starts Pitching Machine

It is nearly summertime! That means baseball!

Sam and I have a few arrangements in our family.
They are all fairly odd, but they work for us.

One of our important arrangements is that he does all make up for Isabelle's dance recitals and I handle all sports. I coach, I take to and from games, I buy gear.. if it is a sport, it is my realm. (Except for karate. However as that is a martial ART I count it in the fancy area that Sam runs.)

This works fantastically for us.

With this in mind, I've got Belle ready for tennis this summer (and of course her clogging camps) and I've got Xander signed up for T Ball (YES! I'm coaching again! WOOOOOO!).
I'm super excited for Buddy because he gets to start pitching machine! Yay!

 He has his first team practice last week.

I learned a few things.

1. I hate cold weather. I already knew that actually, but every time I start to forget it Idaho makes sure to remind me. Blah.

2. I've coached too long and I am a terribly backseat driver in baseball. Even I was all, "shut up, already" when I heard myself hollering to Buddy the entire time. Come on, Kimber! Be quiet.

3. Buddy is pretty darn okay at baseball. He hit more balls than the other kids and when he started missing he told me it was so cold and it hurt his hands to hit the ball so he stopped. Makes sense.

It was a great practice. I'm really happy that Buddy's coach is such a nice person. And all of our games run at 6pm! Yay!

With some of his team.
There is one other lefty ball player on the team, how fun!

Batting. Once again, he had to find a helmet that fit his huge melon of a head.
Wearing his dad's POLICE hat just the way ball players wear them. Or so he tells me.

I'll be reporting to you about my coaching experience soon enough but in the meantime I'm very excited to see Buddy get going with  his baseball.

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