Sunday, May 27, 2012

Extreme nose picking?

My boys are believers in traditions.

I wish they would be more discerning about which traditions to hang on to.

A week or so ago I was teaching piano and Sam was with the kiddos upstairs.
Things were going pretty peacefully and I was foolish enough to be relaxing and just enjoying my piano lessons.

All of the sudden, Sam comes barely down the stairs.
In a very urgent and a bit concerned sounding voice, he interrupts my piano lessons and says,  "Kimber, I have an emergency situation here."

Of course, I'm thinking, great, the Batphone went off. He has to go to work and he'll be gone all night and I forgot to make dinner!
I  immediately shift into cop wife mode and I'm starting to figure things out in my head and it is all fine. I know how to do this.

But, that wasn't it.

Ozzy had grabbed a lego the boys were playing with and had shoved it up his nose and Sam couldn't get it out.


My first reaction was to laugh, but since my student and her mom were just staring at me I controlled myself. I asked Sam to get me my tweezers and figured I'd attempt to extract that lego.

That was a no go.
Ozzy wasn't in the mood to cooperate and I needed to teach my lesson and pinning down a baby while he screams and you shove tweezers up his nose is off putting to students so I sent Sam off to urgent care.

1 hour later Sam and the shortie returned home triumphant.

 Ozzy got a sucker...
and Sam got the lego out.

Well, the dr did it, but Sam helped.

It was a lego arm.
I guess that is one way to pick your nose.


We've all participated in this fun little tradtion (see here for past stories) and I don't want to do it again.
Please boys?

Find a new way to torture me. I'm sure you will find something fantastic.
Or at least expensive.

Boys are insane. Seriously insane.

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